Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Ego has landed


I took it as Jose Mourinho wasn't disliked Barcelona. I was wrong. They even have an airport renamed after him in El prat.

The arroganceapostel, who have developed controlled irritation into an art, lashed out at Icelandic utility man Eidur and accused him of diving.
So far so good. We all seen and heard that before and accusations of diving is as standard as signature to Champions Leauge who occasionally
wakes us up in the evening from our zombiefied prewinter-state but the question was if Eidur him self was even awake.

However in that comment JM bears some responsibility since diving lessons are more then likely a part of the Stamford Bridge act.
Just ask Didier Drogba and Arjen Robben who themselves lashed out towards any team-mate suspected of playacting, furiously brandishing imaginary cards.
Worth mentioning is that Gudjohnsen won Barca a penalty against Recreativo Huelva on Saturday by falling like the Stockholm snow in the box.

Eidur have a good CV which includes playing alongside Ronaldo at PSV and overcoming a career threatening injury has over the years showed potency, determination and that ability to appear in the box from nowhere that was the sign of the previous Henrik Larsson. How ironic and preposterous isn't it that he is now the walking
monument over Barcelona's impotence and that the only acting he can be guilty of is trying to replace Eto'o.

Werder Bremen next for Barca and a win is without no question not in the bag. Diego, the young former Porto midfielder, has more then once
this season showed that he is capable of opening any defence or any bag.

Could he be the one that gives Barcelona the hat?

Barcelona looked without question like the tightest outfit in CL last season.
With reservation for Lennart Johanssons Oscar Jacobsson of course.