Thursday, December 14, 2006

Arsene Wenger. Yeaah him. Hmm. What about him huh,,

Ever since back in 1996 when he replaced that seatwarmer, Arsenal Wenger has been ambitious enough to assemble squad after squad that has the best of two worlds. Foreign Stars and Homegrown youngsters. Ashley Cole, Paolo Vernazza (No he is not Italian) and Matthew Upson to name a few and the patience he showed Francis Jeffers by giving him game after game when more talented [and attractive] foreigners were available. This season, Wenger has already offered similar support to Justin Hoyte - and despite criticism for sometimes fielding entirely foreign teams, only the most prejudiced observer could overlook his commitment to playing at least one Englishman in both of Arsenal's Carling Cup games this year.

So it came as little surprise to me to find Wenger displaying the english shelf and he knew where to put it. Speaking out against the influence of foreign owners in the game he made little attempt hiding the frustration:.
"What was traditionally true in England is that the people who were the owners were the supporters," rang the bitter words from the quasipatriot. Funny enough its not foreign managers to blame : "It's not the manager, because I have to be on line with the values and example set. It is the club and the club is the owners." The fact that Chelsea under Vialli had a italian period and Arsenal a french was not described as a "coinsidence" but never mentioned.

Hmm. . .
I wonder. . .

Alan Pardew said that Arsenals Cup win over Real Madrid "wasn't much of a success for Britain" and was blurred in a wave of electronic counter measures worthy the US Airforce in pressreleases and email comments from the club or its Gunnersmarked lmarked courtreporters.

But he has a point. Credit is not a issue of "One or the other": Its always being shared and split in football and as Chelsea and Arsenal wave those transparent St. George cross in the champions leauge at every victory we can all see through it. Its rewarding as always to see these teams play this season (Except that both clubs had the appauling taste to assign shirtnumbers nine and ten to defenders) but its got almost FA to do with the English FA.
Hmm, I think this has more to do with Wenger being bitter .
"If you buy a super machine, if you buy a Ferrari, from the first day it goes well,"
chortled Wenger of Andriy Shevchenko's early struggles at Chelsea. "Unless it's a Russian who buys it and it breaks in two."

Have you checked your own Renault with license plate 14 latley Arsene?
Its in the fucking garage. Somebody gag him.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moments 3 part 2

After a few shots, smokebreak and a failed attempt to load my Hasselblad on a new record time something happens that fits right into the session. The artteacher has (Funny Enough) forgot his briefcase and must enter the studio, jump over lightequipment and cables. We hurry up, focus more and I measure the light with my EOS more or less every 10 secs. The fading daylight of the winter wants to betray me and I sigh loudly. Bad lighting and colourfilm just aint a option. Or is it? More to come.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Moments part 3

We are running out of time. The guy wants his artstudio back. The studiolights fail and I grab for a normal huge lamp. And in a moment its all there. The light, her pose. I have to measure the light with my EOS since the Hasselblad lacks such detectioncapacity. I go for 5.6/100 and click.